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"No tocar" Print

"No tocar" Print

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"No Tocar" is an intriguing print that playfully explores the concept of connection through abstract forms. Two ovals, resembling a pair of eyes, breasts, or even balls, captivate the viewer's imagination. The artwork invites contemplation on the diverse interpretations and meanings these shapes can hold.

The print's simplicity and ambiguity encourage open-ended interpretations, allowing viewers to engage with their own perceptions and emotions. It sparks curiosity and invites reflection on the different ways we connect with others, whether through sight, nurturing, or the potential for new beginnings.

Through its striking visual composition and nuanced symbolism, "No Tocar" prompts us to question assumptions, challenge traditional associations, and embrace the beauty of multiple interpretations. It celebrates the richness and complexity of human connections, inviting viewers to explore the boundless possibilities that lie within these enigmatic forms.

*The photo frame is not included*

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