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"Creación" T-Shirt

"Creación" T-Shirt

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This linocut stamp is an artwork that captures the iconic imagery of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" in a fun and whimsical doodle style. The artwork features a playful, doodled version of Adam, reaching out to touch the finger of God.

This is a playful and creative take on a classic work of art. It invites us to engage with the imagery in a new and imaginative way, while still honoring the power and beauty of the original piece. The artwork reminds us that even the most iconic and revered works of art can be reimagined and reinvented and that creativity knows no bounds.

This product is the printing of this design on any surface you want. We can make special orders if you have an idea. If you choose "other combination" please write in the cart section what you want or via mail to

Please be aware that our products are handmade and go through an artisanal production process. As a result, each item may vary slightly in terms of color or texture. While we strive to reproduce our products as accurately as possible, please note that there may be minor variations from piece to piece. These differences should not be seen as defects, but rather as a testament to handmade products' unique character and beauty. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of our artisanal products.

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