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"No te rayes" MIAU

"No te rayes" MIAU

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"No Te Rayes" is a delightful print that tells the story of an expression that paradoxically urges us not to think about something, yet inadvertently provokes the opposite reaction. With its playful imagery, this artwork invites us to let go of our worries and anxieties, encouraging a carefree mindset.

The print portrays a whimsical scene where thoughts take the form of colorful forms radiating from the letters. Despite the expression's intention to dismiss those thoughts, the rays become vibrant and animated, symbolizing how our minds often wander to the very things we're told not to dwell upon.

This artwork serves as a delightful reminder to release unnecessary worries and find joy in the present moment, encouraging a lighter and happier approach to life.

*The photo frame is not included*

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