Our identity

Our Mision

Promote sustainability in the fashion industry by creating stylish and eco-friendly clothing options that appeal to those who believe that organic products are boring and too high. We aim to minimize our environmental impact by using ethical and eco-conscious production practices.

Our Vision

Inspire people to buy ecological options, that value the health of the planet and its people, instead of conventional fast-fashion clothes.

 We envision a future where clothing production and consumption are in harmony with the natural world, and where everyone has access to ethical and eco-friendly fashion choices.

Our Values

Sustainability: We prioritize the health of the planet and its resources by using ecological materials, such as the organic cotton we use in our bags and t-shirts, and minimizing waste. Reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Style: We believe that sustainability and design can coexist and we strive to create timeless models that are always in your closet. The design in this brand is the cornerstone that gives meaning to everything. Each creation is unique.

Community: We value the power of the community to create change. We work to build relationships with other eco-conscious organizations and individuals to help us in our cause.

Slow Fashion: The brand prioritizes quality over quantity and encourages customers to buy less but better. After the order, the production process will begin, thus minimizing material waste and surpluses.

Quality: The brand prioritizes the durability of its products, encouraging customers to value and take care of their clothes with care tips to extend their useful life. In each order there is a small explanation of how to take care of the garments and how to reuse them when their life as a garment ends.

Concern: The brand is involved in its local community, allocating a portion of the profits to charities aligned with its values. For those products that represent a greater carbon footprint, donations will be made that equal the emissions that they have entailed.

Environmental ethics: We prioritize responsible practices, using pesticide-free organic cotton and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in our inks. Protecting both people and animals around us.

Handmade: The brand uses the linocut printing method, which is an ancient technique that is completely handmade, and is also more respectful of the environment than other printing techniques that use harmful chemicals.