Our inks

At Puzle Art, environmental consciousness is a core value, and we take pride in offering sustainable options in the fashion industry. Another fundamental value is the quality and durability of our products, which is why the ink selection has been a tough one. Currently, there are limited ink options for fabric linocut printing. To choose the definitive ink, these two options have been considered:

The first ink variant is environmentally friendly, with a limited color range and slightly lower drawing quality. It's water-based and less polluting in comparison. However, it requires heating with an iron for 4 minutes to set properly on the garment, reducing efficiency and consuming electricity.

Our second ink choice stands out for its drawing quality and a broader color palette, but it's more polluting as it's oil-based. This ink contains chemicals that can pose environmental and human health risks if not handled properly. Nonetheless, it air-dries without the need for an iron.

After a challenging selection process, we have decided to opt for the second option for the following reasons:

  1. Greater durability has been observed after multiple washes.

  2. It allows for better time and resource optimization.

  3. Part of our profits will be allocated to social causes related to water pollution.

  4. The cleaning of our tools will follow a meticulous process to prevent water contamination.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the excellence of our garments remains steadfast, and we continuously explore ways to improve our production processes and reduce our environmental footprint.

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